I just wanted to reach out and remind each person who reads this that we are all in this life and world together. You are not alone. I am not alone. We may feel more removed or distant from one another right now, but we are inextricably woven together and our lives matter to each other. We can hold each other’s discomfort and pain gently. We can find care and compassion in ourselves for one another. We have no physical guarantees, no timelines, no certainties right now of how life will continue to unfold. We can; however, remind and reassure each other that it is certain that we matter to each other. If you benefit and do well, then I feel a sense benefit and wellness. If you suffer, then I suffer with you. You are all my fellow travelers in life and I wish each and every one of you peace, comfort, and certainty that you are not alone. Know that you are held in high regard and that I want for you the highest possible well-being. With love, Jennifer