In The Moment

“…the truth exists in the moment. If we are anywhere else, seeking something outside of the moment, we are in prison” (From A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine). We can look here, there, and everywhere to find something outside of ourselves to fix things. Sometimes circumstances in our life do need to change, in order to free up energy or resources for internal change. But the most reliable change is that which is inner focused. Likewise, we do have to be aware of our past and greet our past when remnants of it show up in the now. And we have to plan for our future. But the fullness of life and the access to change, growth, and enjoyment does not happen in the past or the future. It happens right here, in the right now. The ability to stay and be in the right here and right now is a practice. It does not happen easily or overnight. We are drawn by our cultural practices to be anywhere but here. If we follow that path, we lose our way from the things that are truly satisfying and meaningful – such as a smile or hug from a loved one, caring for another in pain, really tasting that bite of food, or hearing each note in the music. This kind of presence invites a true freedom. It is a freedom that doesn’t want for more. It is full. It is satisfying. If you want to feel freer, find practices that support presence in this moment.