About Jennifer

As long as I can remember, from the time I was very young, I wanted to make life better for the people around me.  As a teen, I knew that one way to do that was through the field of psychology.  I have had a wonderful mentor that helped me navigate how to make my desire a reality.  I also consider my desire a deeply spiritual calling, which was always a major emphasis in my family, growing up.  My work in this field is very meaningful to me.  And I believe that it has made life better for those with whom I work.  I believe in the healing journey, and stay current in my own healing process.

I graduated from the University of San Francisco Counseling Psychology program in 2002.  From there, I was a family counseling intern at The Meadows – an amazing inpatient psychiatric and addiction treatment clinic.  Later I worked as an intern at the CSUC psychological counseling center.  Then, at an agency working mostly with children and adults from difficult backgrounds.  I completed my intern hours at Aegis methadone clinic in Chico.  I was licensed in 2008.  Since then I contracted with a local partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program.  I started my private practice in 2011.

My training mostly focused on Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Family Systems therapies.  In 2011 I also became fully trained to practice EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  You may read about it at EMDRIA.org).  It was the piece I needed to bring all my training and experience together.  I love practicing EMDR and have found it to be a highly effective therapy to compliment what I already practiced.  The EMDRIA association conferences are wonderful and, in my practice, I have seen people reach internal clarity in ways that otherwise might have taken many years, if ever.

I also love sharing my knowledge, training, and inspiration through writing and teaching.  In the past few years I have given several talks, for which I have had very good feedback.  I have written a daily guided journal called “365 Days – A Guide To Healing, Improving Relationships, and Spiritual Growth” (Available on Amazon).  I am also looking forward to a time when I design and implement some local workshops.

I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children.  I am also a best friend, daughter, and sister.  Those in relationship with me have all been my teachers and supporters.  I couldn’t have grown to the place I am in my life and career without them, and I am extremely grateful.  Relationships are a giant mixed bag of fun, terrible, love, fear, excitement, and grace.  And I wouldn’t want to do life without them.