Is life perfect?  Certainly not.  Am I merely reveling in lavishness abounding?  Nope.  Am I without struggles and trials?  No way.  And… today I am grateful.  I am grateful for my husband who is playful, creative, and always growing.  I am grateful for my son, who looks at the world from a totally different box.  I am grateful for my daughter, who handles others with such care.  I am grateful for the amazing people that make my work so interesting and rewarding.  I am grateful to have walked along side another human as she passed from this life, as we know it.  I am grateful for my friends and family who encourage me, listen to my thoughts and contentions, and speak such kindnesses to me.  And I am grateful that my brain and body are allowing me to connect with feelings of gratefulness!  I hold onto them gently, knowing that they may pass.  There will be days ahead that I am not able to connect with gratefulness.  I don’t lament or reject those days – I know that they serve to deepen me and my experience, and to deepen my ability to appreciate gratefulness.  Today, I will enjoy these feelings.