See Your Dream

If there is a way in which you are wanting to grow today, if there is progress or maturation that you are longing for, then be courageous and imagine yourself possessing that trait or quality.  See yourself living that growth you would like to have.  I was inspired by the story “Left To Tell” by Immaculee Ilibagiza.  After surviving the Rwandan Holocaust, she set her mind to finding a job.  She said, “I envisioned it, I dreamed it, I prayed for it, and now I had it!”.  Neuroscience backs her up.  When we envision something; for instance, being at the ocean – the same neural circuitry lights up as if we are actually staring at it!  So live big.  Your imagination is the limit.  Set your sights high.  Whether it is embodying patience with your children or learning to paint – allow the desire you feel for that to motivate you.  Then repeatedly imagine yourself engaging with life in that new way.  After some time and practice, you may be very pleasantly surprised.  I hope that you will.  Dream big with me today!