I read the following words from The Parents Tao Te Ching by William Martin this morning and they moved me:

Our bodies produce the bodies of our children. Our noisy minds produce the fears of our children. But the Tao produces the spirit of our children. Still the body. Quiet the mind. Discover the spirit.

How often we need to be reminded of that in this modern life. We have constant streams of input, even when we aren’t seeking them out or asking for them. We have constant competitions for our attention and for our dollars. And pursuing those things often leaves us no more satisfied than before the pursuit.

However, being still and relaxed enough to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise or sunset or a giant hug from a loved one or a beautifully written word or photo is satisfying. My encouragement to you today is set a timer, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus on one, single pleasant word for two minutes. As the mind wanders, just bring it back to that word. Keep breathing. Take another deep breath to close the practice. And enjoy your day!