This is one of my favorite quotes, and it is by Peter Levine in “Healing Trauma”:

“In short, trauma is about loss of connection – to ourselves, to our bodies, to our families, to others, and to the world around us.”


Today, may we be blessed with moving toward restoring connections.

All Is As It Should Be

Maybe all is as it should be right now.  It is easy to get scared and think that we should have done something differently.  It is easy to be scared and think that if only somebody else was different, then things would be right.  From that place of thinking things should be different, it is easy to think what if’s.  What if I had made that choice?  What if I had done this?  The possibilities for obsession and regret are endless.  Will it help to obsess and regret over what isn’t or hasn’t been?  Well, to think those thoughts a little is human.  To dwell on them is destructive.  What if we could imagine that all is as it should be?  What if we could say to ourselves that we really don’t know what would have happened if different choices were made?  We don’t know if things might have turned out for the worse.  There may be some skill we have learned, some trait we have enhanced, or something we have achieved because things were exactly as they should be.  Can we can let go of fear, obsession, and regret and start to move forward from right where we are today?  I wonder what good things lay ahead for us when we can let go and trust that all is as it should be.  All things are for a season or a time.  Winter is for hibernation.  Spring is for new growth.  If we trust that all is as it should be, we can focus on what we can be learning or enjoying right now.

Today, we will trust that all is as it should be.