I see God

People sometimes wonder aloud what it would be like to see the face of God. I think I have an idea of what that would be like. I think I see that when I sit across from people every day who hurt and struggle and are full of love and hope and gratitude. I think I see God in the faces of my vulnerable children. I see God in my friends faces when they tell me about something that is happening in their life – the triumph that comes from tragedy or when we laugh together in a funny moment. I see God when I am able to look at myself in the mirror and feel love instead of hate.  I see God when I have wronged someone and they forgive me.  I see God when there is a thick fog clinging to the foothills, just as the brilliant rays of light shoot up with the sunrise.  I see God when I use my last faithful breath to utter a desperate prayer and receive an answer just minutes or hours later.  Maybe it is prideful to say I think I know, but I really think I do, and it’s magnificent!