I’m reading a book about forgiveness.  The author encourages confessing of flaws and weaknesses as a part of living a full life.  It sure is freeing to own our humanness.  To freely and openly admit our weaknesses, failings, and short-comings.  To embody all of these is to be perfectly human.  Denying and defending these things makes us sick.  It makes us hide with shame.  It makes us need to separate ourselves into “us and them”.  It makes us compare ourselves to others.  So here goes – as I intend to live in the wholeness and fullness of my human capacity – I still fall short in these and other areas:  jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, grouchiness, impatience, judgmentalness, pickiness, and stubborness.  I confess that I have caused harm to others through these and other short-comings.  I rejoice that if I am accused of these things – I can say “yes, you are right!”  I resolve not to manipulate, defend, or otherwise attempt to misdirect the responsibility for these things.  I am human!  And I am grateful that I am loved, appreciated, and cared for in spite of all of these things.  And I am grateful that I can also own and appreciate my patience, kindness, care for others, wisdom, and hardiness.  Being human is such as interesting journey, and I am constantly intrigued.  Try your hand at confessions today- maybe to your journal, maybe to another person.