The Siblings

We can be so quick to say “I” when taking credit for something – “Look at what I _________”(fill in the blank).  But none of us has ever accomplished anything without some form of care, support, encouragement, influence, opportunity, or feedback to get where we are.  Each of us was, at one point, fed, clothed, and kept safe.  Each of us has had someone help us along the way.  Each of us has had some advantage we were born with.  While we have had traumas and setbacks as well, those don’t negate the means by which we have arrived where we are.  And others are a part of our journey.  Today,  we will be grateful for and acknowledge how the universe has used others to help us accomplish what we have today.  Today we will say, “By the grace of love and with others’ help, I have ________”.  Pride and humility are siblings that keep us balanced best when they are holding hands.