What can we do but trust?   What choice do we have?  Things in life will come along – struggles, problems, choices, good times.  All of these things will come and go regardless of how “good” we are or how “bad” we’ve been, regardless of how successful, rich, beautiful, motivated we are or aren’t.  The control we have in life is to trust that all is happening as it should be and to choose how we respond.  We can kick and scream and drag our heals as a two year old does, or we can open our hearts to love, support, and the connections that come through struggle and relax into the ride.  We will still have emotions.  We will still feel the sting of life.  That is ok.  Having emotions isn’t what determines our response or how we move through.  Trust is one practice that helps us move through life in a way that builds us up instead of tearing us down.  Trust helps us maintain our optimism about knowing that whatever we are experiencing is here to make us deeper and ultimately, our lives richer.  Today, I will trust that whatever is happening is meant to be – just for me and for others.  I will trust that, ultimately, it is far better than what I could have planned for myself.  I will say out loud – “I trust that this is for the best.  I may not see how yet, but someday I will.”