The Snuckle

Just finished a biography about Dr. Seuss, and this is a dedication to Theodore Seuss Geisel.  We all have a snuckle to cherish and share.  Some snuckles are brown, some orange, and some with flair.  “My snuckle belongs to me” we say.  And it does, it does! Enjoy it with much fun and with glee.  Your snuckle has color and texture and bounce.  Your snuckle is one that is not easily snuffed out.  Some folks will try to temper your snuckle.  They’ll cover and hide it and tell you it’s wrong.  They seem they don’t want your snuckle along.  But there is no one in the world with a snuckle like you.  Your snuckle is the one and only like you.  So whether your snuckle is big, red, or purple, or whether your snuckle is square with a nurple.  Don’t ever try to have someone else’s snuckle.  No, it’s not for you!  The world needs YOUR snuckle.  You have something to do.  Your snuckle is needed by all.  Your snuckle is a gift.  It is your call.  So love your snuckle and many will love it too.  And you’ll be doing your part of the snuckle  snugoo – that keeps all of us happy and dappy and loved.  It keeps us going, and marching in tune.  It keeps us marching all the way through gloomy lagoon.  I need your snuckle and you need mine.  We’ll share today.  And we’ll all be just fine!