Be The Butterfly

Most of us have heard the metaphor about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly; and how we, as humans, as spiritual beings, etc… can transform or be transformed.  But I learned a little something more today about that process, that adds so much to the metaphor.  When a caterpillar is still developing in its egg (before it ever even becomes a fully developed caterpillar), it grows “imaginal discs” (groups of highly developed cells) – one for each of the body parts it will need to become an adult butterfly.  Later, when it digests itself in its cocoon, those imaginal discs do not get digested, but remain and fuel the process of the butterfly’s development and emergence.  This is exactly how we humans are.  As infants, we come into the world with “imaginal” discs, traits, characteristics, or whatever else you want to call them.  Those cells (parts of us) wait for the right circumstances, environment, and encouragement to turn us into moldable form.  Then these “imaginal” parts of us can do their jobs.  It is then that those traits can fuel our transformational process and be fully revealed and blossom.  I love that they are called “imaginal”.  I love that we can dream big.  That, in the course of our lives,  we can go from looking and feeling one way, to something completely different.  (I see it everyday.)  I love that life looks at us and imagines all whom we can be.  The research also tells us that, when we imagine something – a waterfall, ocean wave, etc.., the same neurons get activated that would do so if we were actually standing in front of a waterfall or ocean wave.  So, today I will take some time to dream my “imaginal” self.  I will envision myself in the biggest, most expansive way possible.  I will imagine myself as I am to become.  And I will be the butterfly.