I have plenty of hardship and heartache.  I have plenty of doubt and unanswered questions.  I see plenty of injustice and plight, and I deeply care about all of that.  And yet I am free…  I am free because I refuse to be bound to any negative interpretation that involves my life or my past.  I am free because I choose to see every challenging, difficult, or grievous situation as an opportunity for growth, deepening, and learning.  I am free because; instead of bearing a grudge, I choose to take giant bolt cutters and cut the chain that binds me to the negative parts of the person or situation – sometimes again and again.  I am free because I choose love instead of hate.  I am free because I choose when, where, and how to give.  I am free because I choose to remain open to the good that can come along at any moment, even when I don’t see it coming.  I am not always happy, and yet it feels wonderful to know I am free!