The Importance of Rejection

One of the most painful experiences is the sting of rejection.  It can start the wheels spinning – “Am I good enough? Is there something wrong with me?  Have I done something wrong?  Am I worthless?”  Those questions are important ones for us to recognize and face.  When they come, it would be good if we could welcome them as opportunities to re-attest to our value and worth.  Value and worth is something we are born with, but can forget that we have.  Sometimes we imagine them as something we earn, or as flexible points depending on how we have performed.  And then, when we are questioning ourselves, we might get that spinning head, short breath, difficulty concentrating feeling.  And then… we can become aware that this is an opportunity to practice calming, comforting, and reassuring ourselves.  This is an opportunity to practice knowing who we are with an unwillingness to turn on or abandon ourselves.  This is also an opportunity to engage in a human experience that we can draw from when connecting with others.  Everyone has had the experience of feeling rejected.  What makes the difference is the ability create connection with self or another out of that “negative” event.  Today, when I notice rejection, I will use it as an opportunity to reach for connection with myself or another.