Every Moment

Every moment is an opportunity.  We don’t choose how we feel about something.  But we can choose how we respond to how we feel.  First, it is a good idea to notice and name how we feel.  Is it anger, shame, pain, guilt, fear?  Next it helps to breathe into and accept how we feel.  After that we can journal, call a friend, punch the bed, go for a walk, pray, or any other non harmful action that helps us experience that feeling as fluid and fleeting rather than stuck and consuming.  Then we can take note if we have been able to let a little bit of the feeling go.  Have we been able to come to some peace?  If we are still activated, then we can go through the process again.  Why?  Because every moment is an opportunity to make peace with life instead of fighting life.  To make peace within ourselves and with others.  To deepen within ourselves and move more fully into love and compassion.  Those are the things that make our relationships rich and deep, and our lives more satisfying.  Those are the things that make life worth living.  Today, I will notice whether I can experience difficult emotions as opportunities to connect with myself and others and I will notice that I can have some influence over how I respond to my feelings.